Past Seasons

Portland Gay Symphonic Band

Portland Gay Symphonic Band performs 3-4 times each September-July season with at least one performance that benefits an organization in the community.

Rose City Swing

Rose City Swing holds dances twice a year, once near the winter holidays and again in the Spring. Each July, RCS kicks off Vancouver in the Park, Vancouver, Washington’s GLBT pride celebration.

Marching Band

The Rose City Gay Freedom Band marches in Portland’s Pride Parade every June.

Portland Gay Symphonic Band 2011-2012

Timeless Wonders, November 6, 2011

Rose City Swing 2011-2012

Holiday Affair X, December 3, 2011

Swing into Spring, May 12th, 2012

Serenade in C Minor for Winds – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Moldau Symphonic Poem – Bedrich Smetana (scored by John Cacavas)

Machu Picchu City in the Sky – The Mystery of the Hidden Temple – Satoshi Yagisawa

Lincoln Portrait – Aaron Copeland (transcibed by Walter Beeler)

Loch Lomond – Frank Tichelli

Kilimanjaro – An African Portrait – Robert Washburn

The Pines of Rome – Ottorino Respighi (transcribed by Guy M Duker)

Portland Gay Symphonic Band 2010-2011 20Th Anniversary Season

1.Terra Incognita, November 2010

2.Profanation, March 2011

3.Testament of Freedom, June 2011

Rose City Swing 2010-2011 Season

1.Lincoln City Iris Pride, September 2010

2.Holiday dance at Oaks Park, December 2010

3.Valentine’s dance at Oaks Park, February 2011

Portland Gay Symphonic Band 2009-2010 Season

1.Beauty and Battle, November 2009

2.Dream Dancing, March 2010

3.The Planets, May 2010

Rose City Swing 2009-2010 Season

1.A Holiday Affair, December 2009

2.Valentine Dance, February 2010

3.Vancouver in the Park, July 2010

Portland Gay Symphonic Band 2008-2009 Season

1.Spirits, October 2008

2.Holiday Concert, December 2008

3.Disguise, Spring, 2009

4.Benefit Performance, May 2009

Rose City Swing 2008-2009 Season

1.A Holiday Affair Seven, November 2008

2.Valentine Dance, February 2009

3.Vancouver in the Park, July, 2009

4.Iris Pride, Lincoln City, September 2009

Portland Gay Symphonic Band 2007-2008 Season

1.Church and State, November 2007

2.Shades of Blue, April 2008

3.Benefit Performance, May 2008

4.Concert in the Park, July 2008

Rose City Swing 2007-2008 Season

1.A Holiday Affair Six, December 2007

2.Our House Benefit, February 2008

3.Swingo de Mayo, May 2008

4.Vancouver in the Park, July 2008

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